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HA!  Less than a month.
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Man, I gotta start updating this more... what with school, acting, singing, and the Drama Site, I barely have time to laze about let alone draw and update... sorry y'all, I'll try to get more to get up -_-  I'll have more photography if I ever get my pictures developed... don't know where I'll put 'em though... LoL!
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Hehe, woops ^_^  Sorry it's been so long, I've had too much stuff to do with school and whatnot and it's really hard to scan pastels.... which is what I'm doing in art.  Anyway!  This is just a mini update because I hafta go to school and this is the only free time I've had lately.  I'll update more really soon, I promise, it just needs to be scanned.  Also, check out this site that I've been designing for my drama class: Drama Site
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